1. March 24, 2014

    Above the rest, the best attorney ever!

    Attorney Williams is without question the best attorney I’ve ever worked with. I was so blessed to have her on my side in getting through a very trying and stressful situation relating to a debt I had to pay my ex-wife required in my divorce decree. The way she handled my case was exemplary and efficient, and she has the highest level of professionalism and expertise. I was able to settle the debt and couldn’t be more thankful to Ms. Williams in advising me along the way and getting this successfully resolved. If you’re looking for the most trustworthy, honest and most helpful attorney, seriously, look no further. Ms. Williams is truly the best at what she does and exceeded all of my expectations. I’m very happy to have worked with Attorney Williams and highly recommend her without hesitation.

  2. March 24, 2014

    Great Attorney
    I’ve used Attorney Williams twice and have had good results both times.She understands your needs and helps you get the most in any situation.Pick her if you want a good honest attorney!!

  3. March 25, 2014

    An Excellent Attorney

    Alfreda L. Williams is an excellent attorney she is very trustworthy, knowledgeable, and has great interpersonal skills. Ms. Williams is very informative, she explains the case in detail whereas, with previous lawyers I encountered didn’t explain as much so I was not as aware of my case, nor did I have a full understanding of what was going on or the direction the case was headed. In addition, Ms. Williams goes above and beyond from beginning to end of the case. What appealed to me the most about Ms. Williams was she was very and candid, she didn’t make any false promises, and she had a genuine concern about my case and financial situation. Ms. Williams made sure she provided me the best services and at an affordable rate. Moreover, I was extremely impressed with Attorney Williams services, professionalism, communication, time, and effort she put into my case. In my case I got everything I asked for and more and without her services I wouldn’t have received the same results. Ultimately, I HIGHLY recommend Attorney Alfreda L. Williams I can assure you with her high level of expertise and professionalism one would not be disappointed.

  4. March 28, 2014

    Experienced, Knowledgeable Attorney!

    Attorney Alfreda Williams is very professional and reliable! She is extremely knowledgable, experienced, and deeply compassionate towards clients needs. I highly reccommend her!

  5. May 9, 2014

    An Awesome Lawyer

    Alfreda L. Williams was very honest and thorough with my case. She communicated and kept me well informed of my case and the different options of directions I could go with my case. She provides affordable and quality legal representation. She exceeded my requirements as my lawyer. Mrs. Williams went above and beyond during my case. I was very satisfied with the end result of my case. I highly recommend Alfreda L. Williams

  6. September 2, 2016

    In all my Days I have never faced a fight like the one for custody of my son, A real life David versus Goliath. I was pitted against systematic procedures that allowed my son to be held out of my life by his mother even though I had already underwent all of the legal channels to see him. In my darkest hour I reached out to Atty. Williams completely exhausted. Not only did she speak uplifting words she assured me that everything would be Alright and that she would take care of it all! And she did just that; not only did I get the proper visitation I was suppose to be receiving, but I now have custody of my son. She is professional, thorough, detailed oriented and quite frankly the rock for my sling that slayed Goliath! I am forever indebted to her for bringing my beloved son fully in my life. Thank you Atty. Williams and may your many blessings reach a million clients!

  7. December 6, 2016

    Attorney Alfreda Williams followed through with my case and made sure I was informed with every detail of my case until the end. Attorney Williams was always professional, courteous and respectful of me as her client. I felt very comfortable with my settlement and was always told by Attorney Williams that it was my decision to refuse or accept any offers. Attorney Williams will always be my first choice if needed and will definitely be referred to many by me.

  8. December 6, 2016

    The best Attorney I have ever had

  9. December 6, 2016

    Attorney Williams and her staff worked hard and diligently to make sure my husband and I got well financially compensated for our cases. I recommend this firm to all my family, friends and anyone I may come across.

  10. December 6, 2016

    Great Attorney
    Attorney Williams is a great attorney. She went above and beyond with my family law case. Ms. Williams was very honest, informative, and very reasonable priced. Ms. Williams even waived some of my legal fees which helped a lot. In my case, I did get the things I was seeking for. I would definitely use her again and I would recommend her to any one dealing with a family law situation.

  11. December 8, 2016

    Attorney Alfreda Williams is one of the few lawyers that I have had the pleasurer of working with. She and her staff are above the bar when it comes down to handling business. I have used her twice and was very pleased with her knowledge and professionalism. I have recommended her to all my family and friends and if ever needed, I will surly use her again.

  12. April 24, 2017

    I used Attorney Williams for a traffic case and it was like flying first class. She resolved my case to my satisfaction and worked quickly to have me in and out in no time!

  13. August 24, 2017

    Attorney Williams handled my Motor Vehicle Accident Case and I’m glad I chose her as an attorney. Atty Williams was very honest and she did everything she said she was going to and more. I was more than happy and pleased with my settlement. I would most certainly use her again if the need arises and recommend her to others.

  14. August 24, 2017

    Attorney Williams has handled several motor vehicle accidents very well for me. Due to Atty Williams’s customer service, results, experience, and rapport I chose her to handle all my cases. I was more than happy with my settlement agreement. When I spoke to other friends that chose other lawyers their feedback definitely confirmed why I chose Atty Williams. I would recommend her and if I have any more cases I would only choose her.

  15. August 24, 2017

    Atty Williams handle a social security case for me and I was more than satisfied. She was very honest, handled my case in a timely manner, and I seen immediate results. My consultation was also free as well. Everything was explained well, I had no delays or any issues. I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with social security.

  16. October 26, 2017

    Ms. Williams was very professional. She treated me like a friend and not just like a client. If anything happens again, I will be sure to contact Williams and Associates. I got more than I asked for in my personal injury settlement.

  17. November 7, 2017

    Very professional , communicated weekly if not every other week. Rated 5 stars.

  18. November 10, 2017

    The Law Offices of Alfreda L. Williams provided punctual service. Attorney Williams and her staff were very kind to me during the process.

  19. November 23, 2017

    Attorney Williams has been the most patient and encouraging legal counsel that I have came across. Her expertise in defending her clients such as myself against big businesses speaks volumes about her character, integrity and work ethic. I have already decided that going forward, if I find myself once again in need of legal counsel, Ms. A.L. Williams will be the first person I would call. If you want dedication, determination and a winning spirit, choose Attorney Williams and Associates.

  20. December 28, 2017

    I’ve used other law firms before, but nothing compared to the Law firm of AL Williams. If I could give them a 10 star, I would. All these Commercial attorneys lying saying if you call you get them, you actually get attorney Williams. The staff is very professional, quick response to all questions that you may have. Overall a great Law firm to use. They have your back 100% until the end.

  21. February 26, 2018

    Attorney Williams was very thorough, she investigated my case thoroughly. They always kept me involved. I didn’t have to call them. I have referred them to other people. They got me more than what I expected. I am very pleased. The time was not long. I am excited. This settlement is helping me with my retirement. I didn’t even have to go to court. I am very very satisfied. I am elated! Thank you!

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